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Rocket Tuition

A boost to unlock your

child's full potential 


About us 

About Us

Studying at Home

We provide in-home Mathematics and English specialist tuition throughout Lancashire. With over 24 years of experience supporting children in education, your child's confidence in their own abilities will sky rocket with our tuition. 

Online tuition is available on request.


We've worked with classes, groups and individuals ranging from age 3 to 16. Along with being experienced in special needs assistance, we can support your child with their 11 plus preparation, catch up boosters and phonics.  

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide 1 to 1 lessons in the comfort of your own home

  • Our experienced staff are DBS cleared and highly qualified 

  • We prioritise building relationships with children and their families

What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

I would highly recommend Rocket Tuition to anyone who needs support with their children in their learning abilities. My son was bottom of his class with his reading and writing. Within weeks of tuition, not only did his reading improve, he became more confident in himself. 

Rocket Tuition also picked up on his learning difficulties years before anyone else, because of this I was able to get the support he needed at school as well. 

Zahida P

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